October 2013 Reports

As part of the process to update / upgrade the MHS web site, the section on the Milton Gold Watches has been modified.

You will find the web page for the project here:


The details on the “horology” component (the physical watches) has now been extracted from the web site and placed in a separate report PDF report so it can be downloaded. You can access that from the web site or directly from this link:


The Horology Report

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2013 Update

January 2013

The story of Milton’s Commemorative Gold Watches has been updated to include information on the new finds, which now includes listed evidence on the Durnan watch. This new evidence means that I must return to the MHS Archives and search the 1918 and 1919 issues of the paper for any reference to the Gold Watches.

The text and spreadsheet related to the report has been updated to January 6, 2013 and is available at the same MHS link:


If anyone reading this blog has information on any other Milton Gold Watch, please contact me directly.


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The Morley Gold Watch

March 2012

On January 14, 2012 we received an e-mail from Greg Melanson in Hamilton, Ontario that he was in possession of the Gold Watch that was issued to Samuel Morley (#3110037), who after the war had returned to Milton. All that remains of the watch is the outer case and winding post. The watch is of the “Regan” style, as shown in the photograph. Details on the origin of the watch and how it reachedĀ Greg are detailed in the updated report now posted to the web site. At the time of the initial posting I did not realize we had achieved a “Triple Bonus” with the finding of the Morley watch. In the process of updating the main report it quickly became clear that Samuel Morley had an older bother (William Alexander) and a cousin (William James) who also are now known to have met the residence qualification for a gold watch. All three were listed in the report as “MP: Most Probable“, a fact now confirmed.

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Final Report Completed

November 2011

The final report on the Milton Gold Watches has been completed and the story was released to the Milton Canadian Champion for the Remembrance Day Issue of November 10, 2011. As a result of the report, more families are reporting that they have found watches or are aware that the watch did exist.

In a most special case, a watch collector in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom had the watch that was presented to the wife of Private Ernest Baverstock (KIA October 1, 1916). Aaron Day, the collector, sent the watch back to Milton “free” and even paid the shipping! What a remarkable person!

The Spring 2011 report has been modified slightly to include a new SECTION 7: PROJECT UPDATES. There you will find the details of the newly discovered watches from the Ptolemy, Beasley and Baverstock soldiers. As additional information is uncovered, that section of the report will be updated.

The link to go to the MHS web page where details are located is:


There you will find all the details needed to view the report as a FLIP VIEW document of the ISSUU web site, or to download a PDF copy.

On that page you will also find the newspaper article on the front page of the Milton Champion and photographs of the Regan and Baverstock watches. These two watches are different – a new component of the story – as Private Regan was issued his watch upon return from the war and Private Baverstock’s watch was presented to his wife at the July 1, 1917 Dominion Day celebrations.

Regan (left) and Baverstock (right) Watches

Inscriptions of Watches

Milton Canadian Champion, November 10, 2011

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The Gold Watch Mystery Unfolds

March 2011

We are nearing the end of the investigation and so it won’t be long before we are ready to post the results here.

In the meantime, you can follow the investigation and see the draft reports and spreadsheets as they progress. Just click on theĀ  link:

Milton’s Commemorative Gold Watches – A Mystery from the Past

Please check the other pages on this blog for updates on the project.

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